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Educational Programs

Hoste Hainse has been providing long term educational support to needy and underprivileged children of Nepal since its inception over almost three decades ago. It has been supporting children from pre-primary levels to secondary and beyond with the help of various supporters as well as income generation programs for self-sustainability.

namaste from sarlahi

  1. The Hoste Hainse Free-For-All Non-Profit Community Schools, Sarlahi, Nepal

    Hoste Hainse currently runs four schools across four villages in the district of Sarlahi which lies in the Terai, the plains in the south of Nepal. Sarlahi is considered a "durgam chhetra" which means that poverty-levels are very high, gender discrimination rampant, access to basic facilities difficult, and education penetration in the average household extremely low. Sarlahi, with only a 50% literacy rate, is one of the least educated districts in Nepal.

    Against all odds, we are proud to share that our high school matriculation rate (SLC/SEE) has always been over 90% since inception, while the government school average remains at only 20%. As of now, the number of girls in high school is climbing up to the same level as boys. Because our schools are so high performing, even children not enrolled in our schools flock to our classrooms, and we do not have the heart to turn them away.

    Further, our education programs are complemented by Income Generation Programs, such as fish farming, which is indigenous to the region, and are run by parents and other members of our schools, which in turn generates funds to make our schools as self-sustaining as possible.

    Also, please see Project 3K.

  2. Hoste Hainse Early Childhood Development Centre, Jhapa, Nepal

    Hoste Hainse has established an early childhood development center in Charpane, Jhapa, to provide pre-school education to the very poor and deprived children of the Charpane communities. The Hoste Hainse Early Childhood Development Centre is providing free educational materials and meals to the children below the age of 6 to prepare them for their future education. Because of poverty, the families had been compelled to send their children to work instead of school. Now 30 children from poor and marginalized families are benefitting through the Hoste Hainse Early Childhood Development Centre. Hoste Hainse has plans to replicate this idea to other parts of the district where many more needy children are seeking help.

  3. Educational Scholarships

    Hoste Hainse has been providing scholarships to the children of carpet weavers of Formation Carpets who have not been able to afford the educational costs of sending their children to school in Kathmandu. Hoste Hainse has also been providing scholarships to the children of the Satar and Meche communities of Jhapa in cooperation with different donors. More than 500 children to date have received scholarship support, of which 72 have matriculated from high school. Hoste Hainse is currently supporting 100 children with the help of scholarships.

  4. Day Care Centre

    Hoste Hainse runs a day care centre for infants and pre-school children of the weavers of Formation Carpets. Children are provided care in a clean environment under the guidance of nannies while their parents are at work.

  5. Coaching Classes

    Hoste Hainse runs coaching classes for the school-aged children of the weavers of Formation Carpets. Prefects help children not only with their homework but also with difficult course materials. Children have access to a number of educational materials, namely books, periodicals and science materials. They also take part in extra-curricular activities, such as dance, drama, games, etc. and participate in the annual Formation Day performance. Winners during the Formation Day function receive attractive prizes.

  6. Sankhu Palubari Community School, Sankhu, Nepal

    Hoste Hainse ran the Sankhu Palubari Community School in Sankhu from 1999 to 2011, with the financial support of the Advocates for Human Rights. The school comprises of 200 students, classes run from nursery to grade 10. Students receive free education, meals, books, and writing supplies. Library and music class facilities are also available. The school has been handed off to another INGO with support from the same donor, while Hoste Hainse is on stand-by to help if needed.

Income Generation Programs

Hoste Hainse has launched income generation programs in order to sustain Sankhu Palubari Community School with the cooperation from the German Embassy. The program started with literacy classes and skill development training such as wool spinning, soap making, and candle making. As a result, Sankhu Palubari Community Cooperative was registered in Sankhu to continue income generating programs in the coming days. Later the "Going Organic from School to Home" program was initiated in the same community to create awareness through the students for their parents to produce organic agricultural products. The program has also had a positive impact on the people of the communities; they have been following the same trend till today.

Hoste Hainse has been implementing income generation programs in the seven village development committees of Sarlahi in cooperation with Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF), Nepal. Through this intervention, the farmers' living standard has raised and farmers are engaging in more economic activities. Hoste Hainse has been considered the best practiced non-governmental organization (NGO) in Sarlahi which has uplifted the socio-economic status of over 1,800 households in the district.

Other Social Programs

  1. Health Care

    In a country where the concept of insurance applies only to material goods, Hoste Hainse injected a paradigm shift by introducing a health care program for the weavers of Formation Carpets. With time the program spilled over to other associate companies of Formation Carpets. All employees are provided complimentary health insurance and medical treatment facilities in accordance with company policy.

    Hoste Hainse has also been conducting health check-up programs for the students of the Hoste Hainse Education Centres on demand. It has also planned to conduct dental camps in the same districts. Due to these types of support, many children are immune to different contagious and non-contagious diseases.

  2. Flexible Literacy Classes

    Hoste Hainse has been running flexible literacy classes to the carpet weavers and to the farmers of Sarlahi District to make them capable of reading and writing. This methodology also helps them to keep the accounts of income and expenditure as well as makes them familiar with socio political activities.

  3. Vocational Training

    Hoste Hainse has been providing vocational training to poor and deprived adults from different communities of Nepal to enhance their interests, such as candle making, wool spinning, carpentry, computer maintenance, automobile training, mobile maintenance, and printing press operation, as per demand. Hoste Hainse assesses the need for such training and demand in the labour market, after which upon suitable conditions provides such training to the adults.

  4. Lobbying and Advocacy

    Hoste Hainse has been lobbying with the Government of Nepal and coordinating with other network organizations to ensure education for all. It has been lobbying through different media and forums for a better education system so that poor and deprived communities have access to education. Hoste Hainse has also been lobbying and advocating for human rights, climate change, disaster risk reduction and environment protection in cooperation with different organization who are involved in this sector.

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