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Sulochana Shrestha-Shah - President

"From my very childhood I saw differences between different families in Nepal, and I realized that illiteracy is the worst thing that can happen to one in today's world. It makes one helpless and naive about one's opportunities. To me, it seems like a handicap which makes people follow blindly, and they are not able to stand up for their own rights. This is what I call Mental Slavery. Hoste Hainse, therefore, is a foundation to minimize illiteracy within the Nepalese society and eradicate mental slavery."

Hoste Hainse board's President and the Founder of Hoste Hainse, Sulochana Shrestha-Shah who was born in 1948, established Hoste Hainse in 1990. Without failing to lose her objective which was to do something good and make the future of Nepal's underprivileged children better she brought various companies, organizations and programs into being. After she completed her Master's in Mathematics at RWTH University in Aachen, Germany, this energetic woman returned to Nepal in 1985 to take on a job at the Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RONAST) where she got in touch with charity programs in Nepal for the first time. Once she got involved in this sector via the Child Welfare Council, Nepal, she could not stop herself from doing more.

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Niva Shrestha - Vice-President

"Hoste Hainse is a non-profit organization with its focus on education and a good vision. It helps Nepalese people with lesser benefits to get some opportunities to better their lives."

Niva Shrestha was born in 1971 and hence became one of the "young generation" Hoste Hainse board members when she joined the board in 2015 as a member. Niva went to St. Mary's High School in Kathmandu, where she completed her A-levels before she started to study Business Administration with a focus on Finance at the Eastern Kentucky University, in the United States. From there, she started an internship at Lexmark International Inc. in Lexington before she decided to return back to Nepal where she joined the Lincoln International School in Kathmandu as a Finance Officer.

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Prabodh Rijal - General Secretary

"Hoste Hainse is an organization with a serious concern about education for underprivileged children in Nepal, very low overhead costs and a vision."

Prabodh Prabhakar Rijal believes that every problem is caused by oneself and that Nepal will find its way towards development only through education. He became one of the latest additions to the Hoste Hainse board when he joined the board in 2014. Even though he has not been active with Hoste Hainse in the past, he works as the Hoste Hainse board's General Secretary which means that he is the one to deal with all the board's official outgoing activities. Apart from Hoste Hainse, he is very interested in Astronomy which made some of his students be involved in the first astronomical exhibition in Nepal.

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Sanjeev Pandey - Treasurer

"Hoste Hainse is an organization promoting educational support to children in rural as well as urban communities."

Sanjeev Kumar Pandey is the Hoste Hainse Board's Treasurer, and at the same time runs his own business, Bounty Himalaya, which produces high quality natural soap and other cosmetics in Nepal. Having done his Intermediate Studies in Science at Amrit Science College and his Bachelors in Micro-biology at Tri Chandra College in Kathmandu, he has started his Masters in Sociology. He was the first director at Lotus Paper Crafts, a subsidiary of Lotus Holdings, the flagship "business with ethics" social enterprise that spawned Formation Carpets/Hoste Hainse like companies across multiple verticals. This was his introduction to Hoste Hainse, and Sanjeev has been a board member since the year 2000. At the time he was already active with Lions Club Nepal and was more than willing to support another social project in and for Nepal.

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Neeraj Nepali - Member

"Hoste Hainse is a wonderful platform to reach out to underprivileged children in Nepal. It is non-donor dependent and for me, it's a social audit, particularly for private companies."

A sports enthusiast, Neeraj Nepali, who enjoys cycling, hiking and traveling to new places in his free time, is the Hoste Hainse Board's Vice-President, who has been enriching the board discussions with his expertise and ideas since 2008, although he has been part of the Hoste Hainse family since 1999 via Lotus Holdings, the flagship "business with ethics" social enterprise that spawned Formation Carpets/Hoste Hainse like companies across multiple verticals. Therefore, being part of the Hoste Hainse Board became natural.

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Jay Shrestha - Member

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Shishir Kumar Singh - Member

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Rishi Shah - Advisor

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Sabitri Thapa - Advisor

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Madhab Mathema - Advisor

"'Heave Ho!', this is what Hoste Hainse is. It does not exist to provide things to people in need but to help them get it by themselves - Hoste Hainse is more of an enabler and impulse giver than a provider."

Madhab Bhakta Mathema enjoys a broad range of national and international experience, specifically in the field of human settlements. Born in Nepal in 1945, he grew up in in India where his family was living in exile because of their involvement in democratic struggle in Nepal that culminated in the overthrow of an oligarchic regime in favor of a more open and progressive political system. He returned to Nepal in 1955. He joined the then His Majesty's Government service in 1964 after completing his Bachelor's in Civil Engineering from Jadavpur University, Calcutta. He obtained his Master's in City Planning from the Ohio State University, USA, in 1971 under a Fulbright Scholarship while still in the government. He retired from the Government in 1992 and joined the United Nations (UN-Habitat) Headquarters as an international human settlements advisor before retiring completely in early 2007.

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Purushottam Shrestha - Advisor

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Ajit Shah - Advisor

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Krishna Shah - Advisor & Executive Director Pro Bono

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